ICOT XIX Summary

The International Conference on Thinking XIX® & The Genius Discovery Academy

Invite mature, experienced, skillful adult problem-solvers and Middle School, High School and University students with high thinking skills to participate in the first

Inter-disciplinary Conference to End Racism..

100 of America’s most skillful thinkers with an entrepreneurial aptitude, ages 12 – 25, along-side mature, highly intelligent and skillful problem-solvers will convene in Hot Springs, Arkansas, America’s favorite health spa city, to begin implementing the revolutionary economic and educational proposal by Nobel Laureate Milton Friedman to Remedy racism and to remedy the wealth gaps among and within nations.


There are five remedies that have been validated and proven by scientific research, but not yet implemented anywhere on earth.  Some of the research was indirect.  For example, “love” is difficult to control as a research variable, but “respect” is easily measured and controlled, as are near relatives of love such as “predictions of success,” etc.  The five remedies are:

(1) That of Jesus Christ as quoted in John 13:34) — The Divine Remedy

(2) That of Harvard’s Gordon Allport, “The Nature of Prejudice” —  The Psychological Remedy

(3) That of Milton Friedman, “Capitalism and Freedom”, — pp 102 – 107  —  The Economic Remedy

(4) That of William Maxwell, “Thinking: The Expanding Frontier”, 1983 — The Educational Remedy

(5) Brain Scientist Professor Kisou Kubota’s developmental remedy: the parents pay

close attention to their baby from 8 months as the baby’s “interest inclinations” begin to blossom and expand.  “Age 8”, he found, “is too late.”  This is truly a “Grass-roots” remedy, the final proof for the “Democracy Principle.”


The 200 participants will publish detailed recommendations on HOW parents and other social institutions, particularly a new institution or profession, educational entrepreneurs, and an old institution, banks, can demonstrate the efficacy of these remedies..


Dates: December 28, 29, 30, 2021

Costs: $1,000 for mature thinkers; $250 for skillful thinkers age 12 – 25.

This XIXth international Conference on Thinking is by invitation only.